I have used every kind of detailer on the ole Mach1 until I found DualPolymer. It cleans the dust and will bring a shine you have never see.  Check it out at www.dualpolymer.com and use my code "porboy" for a 20% discount.

Here'e a GREAT link suggested to me by my friend William. This has some GREAT info on Mustangs. Thanks William

          Here is a site that has the most complete history of the Mach1 that I can find.                                                          

   Thanks Wolfgang for letting me link to your site.

Links for other site

Classic Pony This is the best site to find car shows in south central Illinois and around the state.
Classic Pony Car Club The club I belong too.  (Effingham IL
Ponderosa Mustang If you like doing business with someone who takes care of you and not a BIG company give my friend Matt a call. Tell him Loren told you to call.
Mach1 Fun This are were you go for all your Mustang apparel. You have to have a Mach1 Jacket. I got my Mach1 jacket and its is GREAT.

These is the personal site from a very hard core Mustang fan

This site has some unbelievable history on the Mach1 History   Thanks Wolfgang
The site for 2003 and 2004 Mach1's
For all you
428 Cobra Jet fans here is an interesting site.

If you were like me and wanted a Shaker car but don't get one contact my friend Leon at
FordRamAir .

That is were I got my Shaker.
Mustang Owners Club of Western Australia our Mustang brothers from down under.



If you live in or around Southern Illinois here is a site for you SI Car News
This is my other site that I sell Masonic products
porboy . Give a Brother a try for Masonic Decals.

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