69 MACH1‚Äč

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          My love for the Mustang began in around 1968 when I saw my first Mustang that my cousin had purchased. When I was 16 I brought my first Mustang a 1965 for $100.00. Now the car was not in running condition and was actually sitting in a fence row. I got it home and with much help pulled the motor out and replaced all the freeze plugs. After putting it back in the car it started right up and I was ready to drive it until my dad said he had better drive it first to make sure it was safe. Now remember this is a $100.00 car, I had a rim behind the drivers seat to prop it up because it was broke. I had put on a pair of Thrush mufflers for the exhaust system and it was a little loud. The car was an automatic with a 289 motor. Dad took the car out and drove it hard all the time telling me not to be driving like he was and when we got home the shot pump on the front of the carburetor was broken. Dad said he was going to put a block under the gas pedal but never did he however he did pay for the shot pump. My 65 might have looked like an escapee from the junkyard but out ran all the big blocks around town. If I find a picture I will post it for everyone to see.                     
            My next Mustang was a 1969 Grande that had a Mach1 hood this started my love and want of a Mach1. I drove this car while in college and for a few years after. Along came a girl and then children and the car got parked and later traded for a truck. There was another 1969 coupe later but it need too much work and I sold it for more than I had paid.           
          Fast forward to October 2001,my father had died but had provided a small inheritance for myself and siblings. I decided that it was time for me to have my dream car, the kids were almost out of the house and it was time for dad to have what he wanted. That's when I found my dream car a 1969 Mach1 see it on the "my car" page.